At the moment In this Market, We supply EL products for KFC delivery box graphic , Carlsberg Posters & Supermarket advertising media. We can design your EL image or product at no cost to you. Just send us your original design on Layered format. Be sure to clearly define your color requirements and dimensions, and to include a description or sketch of any animation desired. Use the words “flashing”, “stacking” and “fill” to describe how you want the parts of your image illuminated. after will develop a mock-up of your finished design and return it to you by email for final approval. When you wish to proceed with your product, we will prepare a pre-production prototype for a nominal charge (tooling fee and prototype surchage) which is quoted based upon design specifications and dimensions.


What is Electroluminescence (EL)?

Electroluminescent panels are paper thin panels that illuminate when an electrical current is applied to the panel. A print overlay (clear graphics layer) is laminated on top of the Phosphor layer, which is sandwiched between conductors. When an electrical current is applied to the relevant segment, the Phosphor crystals charge and emit light, which would then illuminate the printed overlay. The Electroluminescent panel is connected to an inverter which would control which segments to illuminate and at different intervals, in order to create fantastic eye-catching animations even in bright ambient lighting conditions.


Why Electroluminescence (EL)?

  • Unbreakable
  • Cool to touch and light-weight
  • Low power consumption
  • Paper thin (0.35mm)
  • Flexible and bright
  • Shock Proof







Animated Images